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Let's Stay Active and Have Some Fun!

NEW SEASON (4/27 - 6/16) - 8 WEEKS

  • Beginner/Intermediate Level (rating under 1300) on every Saturday at 4:30 PM

  • Advance/Elite Level (rating over 1300) on every Sunday at 4:30 PM

Group Winners receive the following awards:
1) A stamp card. Collect 3 stamps, and the winner will receive a FREE PASS for future events or open play, or a pack of 3-star balls/a small gift.
2) Promotion to a higher group in the following week.

SATURDAY Beginner/Intermediate Level (Under 1300 rating)
This probably will be your first experience in a formal competition event. Participating in our round robin event is not only fun, but will boost your ping-pong skills. Also, you will meet new friends with a similar level. This competition is a round robin event for beginning to intermediate level players (Under 1300 rating).

SUNDAY Advance/Elite Level (Over 1300 rating)
Our Sunday event is an event for higher rating players to practice and advance their skills learned. Some of the nation's top-level players and coaches are participating on a weekly basis. Join us at our Sunday event and meet new training partners. This competition is a round robin event for Advance to Elite level players (Over 1300 rating).

Player List and Results

Event Details

Everyone is welcome. USATT League rating will be used to qualify and grouping for the events. For a new player, a league rating will be provided after your first league event. A basic USATT membership is required at $25/year and can be purchased together when paying the signup fee.

League play is starting at 4:30 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Please arrive 10 minutes early to check in and get yourself some warm-up. A late arrival may result in a default of the first round. Play is expected to finish between 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Please get prepared.


  • Drop In: $10 for TTA Members; $15 for Non-Members. For club's membership info please visit here

  • Full Season Signup: $64 for TTA Members; $96 for Non-Members (8 event days/season)

  • USATT Membership is required, and a basic membership can be purchased at $25/year. If you don't have one, one may be purchase on your first play. For information on USATT membership please see here.


  • To Register: Sign up at our front desk in person, call or email ( You may also enter online at

  • Registration Deadline: (including drop-ins) is on the event day at 12 noon.

  • Payment: Pay at our front desk, or online at

ATTENTION: To all who has registered: if you can no longer come for the registered league (eg, season signups), please email us at to avoid being included in the group for that week. Thanks for your cooperation. 

Withdrawal, Default & Refund

  • Withdrawal: If you can no longer attend a signed-up event, please email to withdraw by 3 pm on the day of the event. Any late or emergency withdrawals will be considered as defaulting, and the score will be calculated accordingly.

  • Default: A defaulted game will be counted as a loss for the player who defaulted.

  • Refund: We only process refunds within 24 hours of registration; credits will be issued for cancellation requests made before 24 hours of the event. Please email for refund/credit requests. No refunds will be issued for withdrawal requests made within the last 24 hours leading up to the game. There are no refunds for a season pass.


  • All those who wish to play need to register or inform us ahead of time, including drop-in players.

  • Participants are grouped based on their USATT league ratings. New players will be given an estimated rating. Each group consists of 5-6 players.

  • Players will compete against each other once, allowing each player to have 4-5 game plays, depending on the number of people in each group.

  • Please do not wear white shirts.

  • Take a break of up to 1 minute only.

  • Group Winner Prize: All group winners will receive a stamp. Collect 3 stamps, and you will receive a FREE PASS for future events or open play, or a pack of 3-star balls/a small gift. Group winners will also be promoted to a higher group on the next league day.

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