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Learning the basics is crucial for any sport; ping pong is no exception. Our professional coaching team will help kids build a solid foundation. Our students acquires numerous trophies and medals from local and national tournaments throughout the year!

Make-Up Policy:

24-hour notice required for absences. Email for request to cancel or reschedule.


Junior Class (Age 5-6)

Starting class for little ones to have fun. Coach will introduce ping pong to these beginners and help them develop interest and core skills.

Currently for Age 5 - 6 we only offer private lessons. A 30-minutes lesson is recommended.

Check in on private lessons here, contact us to book.

Junior Class (Age 7-15)

Starting from zero, our professional coaching team will train them for the basic skills of table tennis and make it a fun activity to enjoy.

Current Time Options

Saturday at 2 PM or 3 PM

Sunday at 11 AM

Tuesday at 5 PM

Price (55 min/session)

$165/month for 1-session/week

$315/month for 2-session/week

(Members receive $20-$40 off per month)

Drop In $48/session


Weekend Group Training
For Competition Level

Intense training with peers every week! All competition level players will be training together every week. Coach approval is required.


Saturday 10 am - 12 pm

Sunday 1 pm - 3 pm

Price (2 hour/session)

$235/month for 1-session/week

$385/month for 2-session/week

(Members receive $20-$30 off per month)

Drop In $68/session

Coach's approval is needed. Contact us to sign up

TTA Training .jpg

Team TTA Training Program

Looking for a professional training program to become the next champion? We have it!
Great discounted program given to the most serious students who are willing to spend time and effort and training on a daily basis

Monthly plan starting at $1000/month. Schedule a time to talk to our manager


One-On-One training

Table tennis playing entails many different techniques and is not easy to start with, so taking private lessons will make you to progress much faster. Private lessons are offered to both adults and children. Price varies by coach, starts from $65 per hour. Time option is flexible.

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