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Club Rules for Covid-19

Due to Alameda County's Safety Guidelines, we are allowed to open at 50% capacity. Sanitizing supplies are provided at entrance/exit and also inside of each playing court. We now have an online booking system for tables, you may book a table for open play.

Please help by complying to the following rules:

  • Everyone entering our facility must wear a mask and sanitizing your hand at the entrance. Be mindful and please maintain social distance of 6 feet.

  • Anyone exhibiting signs of fever, coughing or and Covid-19 symptoms please remain at home. We have the right to ask you to leave if any of the above signs are present.

  • Use the main entrance to enter and the back door for exit.

  • We are not allowing waiting for tables to play inside the building. During peak hours, we recommend that you book a table before visiting us.

  • Each playing court has a limit of at most three people at a time.

  • Please do not arrive too early for your scheduled lesson or table booking. Only one adult is allowed to accompany a junior for training and need to staying inside of the playing court. Also please only pick up balls in your own court.

  • During training and playing, a player may take off the mask with the consent of the other party. Mask need to be worn at all other time.

  • After playing please sanitizing your side of the table and the ball picker (if applicable). Supplies (wipes/spray) are provided inside of each court. Also sanitize your hand after playing

  • Please leave the building immediately after your play. Hanging out and waiting inside of the building is not allowed. Parent please make sure to pick up your kids on time.

  • No food is allowed inside of the building.


Table Tennis America reserves the right of final explanation to these rules.

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