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The Mysterious Case of the Missing Master Builders


Mystery and Mayhem have struck in Bricksburg and several Master Builders have gone missing! So pull

out your magnifying glass, put on your thinking cap (and maybe your detective's cap), and grab your

brick separator -- we've got clues to unravel, missing persons to track down, and a whole lot of LEGO

models to build to help solve the mystery! Each day will unlock more answers and bring us closer to the

solution. Are you ready to solve a mystery the Bricks 4 Kidz way? Join us for creative building, motorized

LEGO projects, new building techniques, and much more!



The hunt is on for the best LEGO builders! Are you ready to plunge your skills, creativity and imagination into challenges? Put your LEGO® skills to the test throughout the camp by racing and building motorized models with LEGO® Bricks. Each day offers new models and challenges as campers compete for the title of “LEGO Master Builder.” Champions Day five features camper-created challenges to be played out by fellow competitors. And of course there’s plenty of time for classic LEGO® building and fun! *For a camp filled with competitions and challenges, combine LEGO Master Builders with Brick Olympics! Calling all sports fans! On your mark, get set, build! Celebrate the Olympics with cool models of sports from cycling to soccer, basketball to gymnastics. Take a break from the heat and compete indoors to set your own.Brick Olympic records with our exciting sports-themed challenges! We’ll post the winners on our own“Medal Tally” board and award winners with Bricks 4 Kidz medals.

Brick Fusion


Experience the world of Minecraft, Star Wars, Ninja Go and Pokémon Go with LEGO® Bricks in this fun

imaginative and creativity camp. Campers will be challenged to bring their virtual designs to life by

building Star Wars, Pokémon, Minecraft & Ninja characters with mosaics bricks, figure bricks and

motorized tech models like spacecraft, rebel fighters, spiders, pickaxe, ninja dragons, vehicles, spinning

machines, poke ball and more.Get ready to experience this awesome fun adventure in the world of Brick Fusion, that will make your imagination blast off to a galaxy far away!




Play Ball! LEGO® Brick ball, that is! In our Bricks 4 Kidz Sports Fantatics Camp, our all-star Master Builder

campers will be using LEGO® Bricks to create robotic athletes such as soccer players that shoot, hockey

skaters that skate, gymnasts that tumble, and much more! Campers will also create their favorite sports

team’s logos and players, all out of LEGO® Bricks. Whether it’s college football, the Olympics,

cheerleading, or professional hockey, campers will love all that is in store for them when they attend our

Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO® Sports Fanatics camp! Go Team LEGO® Bricks

Coding (Scratch & Building with WeDo)

Bring LEGO® Bricks to life with coding! The ability to code is a key component of technology education today. Our coding programs will teach students important strategies to enhance their logic and problem-solving skills, as well as help them work toward becoming technological innovators of tomorrow. Our programs offer skill level progression of coding concepts as students advance through multiple levels from beginner through advanced. Students will build models with LEGO® Education.WeDo or EV3 elements, then control their models with the codes they write.

Stationary photo

Slimetopia 2

By colossally popular demand comes this squishy, squashy, stretchy sequel to our bestselling Slimetopia camp. This time, the world is being taken over by slime! You and your STEAM Team will ooze with excitement

as you visit countries across the globe making a different kind of slime at each destination. From Italian pizza slime to Antarctic penguin slime to Hawaiian lava slime to tons of other slippy, drippy, gooey, global slimes in between.


Arcade Monica

This Kids-Choice Challenge Island adventure puts a 100% Screen-Free STEAM twist on popular video games from designing your own STEAMio Carts to building Fort Island shelters to adopting adorable Island Blox pets to taking on the freezing and fiery
biomes of Mine Island to creating retro-inspired games like Space Aliens Aracade. You and your STEAM Team will swap game consoles for creativity and joysticks for ingenuity and imagination as you take on Islands of STEAM challenges created with game-loving kids in mind!


Pet Palooza

Wag on over to the most PAWSOME camp in town! You and your STEAM Team will engineer a world created just for pets: From Pets Palooza Hotel Day to Having a Ball Day to Give a Dog a Bone Day to Salty Sea Dog

Day to a very special Rescue Pets Day. You’ll even get to adopt adorable pretend pets of your own and create habitats to match their needs and personalities! This STEAMtastic camp gets two paws up and is a must for every pet-loving kid!


Steam Tank Entrepreneur

Calling all innovative and inventive kids to an adventure in STEAM and entrepreneurship! You and your STEAM Team will design, create and open new businesses every day: From PIZZApreneur Day SWEETreprenur Day to SLIMEtrepreneur Day to PETrepreneur Day to HAUNTrepreneur Day. Can you convince the island sharks that your STEAM Team’s business belongs in the new Challenge Island Mall? Don’t miss out on this-one-of a kind entrepreneurial experience!


Steam Warts

Calling all wizard-loving kids to a magical week of spellbinding adventure! You’ll design your own wand and wizarding gear and be sorted into your perfect house. You and your housemates will then take a full load of STEAMwarts classes from Magical Creatures to Charms and Potions to Sheltering from Darkness. This STEAMtastic camp will culminate with an enchanted graduation ceremony.

Spy Academy


From decoding messages to metal detectors and night vision, campers check out spy tech

equipment and take-home lots of gadgets! Step into the shoes of a detective as you uncover

the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis! Figure out the science of forensics

and reveal who is behind those crazy capers! Become a super spy and learn clever ways of

performing tasks as we take a hands-on view of the science that spies and detectives use!

'Fizz'-ical Phenomena Che Mystery


Have a ton of fun as we whip up potions and experiment with all kinds of chemistry, including

growing crystals, making sidewalk chalk, and learning the science of chromatography!! Mix it

up as we experiment with molecular madness, radical reactions, and “fizz”-ical and chemical

reactions. Discover what those crazy chemists are really up to in their laboratories!

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